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Hi, We Are Franklin Digital Marketing & SEO

And we’re here to help you get more clicks, calls, conversions and sales. We are a digital marketing agency that helps local and national businesses in the United States increase their sales using advanced digital marketing and SEO techniques. Our designers, content writers, editors and technical SEO professionals work together to increase sales by up to 53% through optimized websites and digital campaigns. Ask us for a free analysis of your website today.


We know the internet like the back of our iPod, and we provide you with the full gamut of digital marketing services, everything from SEO traffic building and maintaining, to ads and social media campaign construction. Increasing your traffic and revenue is our top priority. And we do it within your budget.


Every single project we launch here at Franklin Digital Marketing & SEO begins with a thorough, often intense planning process. We call it our Kick Off package. It’s our game plan on how to proceed to get more traffic as quickly as possible. We involve as many of our in-house experts as needed to ensure that your plan is sound and successful.


In order to rank on Google you must have authoritative content and high domain authority sites linking to your site in order to get to page one on Google and stay there. Poor content that is not SEO optimized along with spammy backlinks will cause your site to be buried in search. We write SEO optimized content and only use white hat methods to get high domain authority links to your site. When warranted we place targeted ads that get the click to supplement our SEO ranking services. We ensure every dollar you spend on SEO and Ads contributes towards your ROI.


SEO is not a short term fix but a long term solution. We work as your partner in success on online. We believe communication is vital. That is why we send monthly progress reports updating you and our efforts. We adjust to market changes and advise you when we do.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive strategy that will get your website ranked #1 on search engines for specific keywords. SEO can have a tremendous ROI if done correctly.

SEO can be divided into two main areas. There are two areas of focus when it comes to SEO: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Each has its own set of factors that must be addressed.

Web Design

A website designed well and built from the ground up can give a visual indication of the quality work performed by your company. 

We provide a responsive, mobile-friendly theme for every website that we build. It is highly customizable and can look and function exactly how you want it to. You will also find all the SEO tools necessary to get your website ranked for your most important keywords. We can create a completely customizable website for you.

Local Marketing

If you own a local business, getting into Google Maps can be crucial to generate hyper-targeted, hot leads. It can be complicated to set up a listing. To optimize its performance, it must be done in a specific way.

We are experts in getting your Google My Business listing ranked at the top of search results. Let us help with your local marketing efforts.


Business citations play a significant role in ranking websites and can help you establish business prominence. This is a key indicator of trustworthiness. Your map listing will perform better if you have more citations.

Citations are a listing of your name, address, and phone (NAP) by directories and other websites.

We can help create hundreds of manually created citations that you are niche and geo relevant. Our citations do not come from automated programs. We take the time to identify citations that can help your business. We don’t offer the same citations to all clients with a single-size approach.

Content Creation

SEO is all about content. Without it, search engines won’t be able to properly index your pages and rank you accordingly.

SEO content can improve your site’s visibility in search engines. It drives traffic to your site and encourages people to buy your products/services. By investing in SEO content, you can add real value to your business’s bottom line.

Our content creators are experts in writing SEO optimized content.

Link Building

Backlinks can be extremely valuable as they are a “vote to confidence” that links from one site or another.

 Backlinks to a website are, in essence, a signal to search engine that other people have reviewed your content. Search engines can deduce that content worth linking to is also worth being ranked higher in search results pages (SERPs). Earning these backlinks can make a difference in a site’s ranking or search visibility.

Our Clients Say It Best:

“”My existing website just wasn’t getting the volume of clicks and calls that I wanted. I hired Eric to provide solutions. He researched my competition along with my website and provided much-needed input on how I could improve my online results. He completely redid the content on my site making it more SEO friendly and got valuable backlinks both of which have pushed me to the top of page 2 and bottom of page 1 for most of my keywords. Click and call volume is up 57%. Highly recommend Eric.”

Seb N.

“I needed someone to research my online competitors and advise me on how to outrank them. Eric’s input was invaluable. He pointed out my competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. He added new optimized content that was better than my competition. He also got many of my competitor’s backlinks, along with many they do not currently have. I am now on page one of Google. He was easy to deal with and met all deadlines ahead of schedule. Highly recommend. 5 STARS!”

Dave N.

“Eric was extremely helpful in getting my new site to page one for targeted keywords. He is a skilled writer and is highly effective in doing competitor research. His content and backlink strategy rapidly moved my site from page 6 to page one in a very short period of time. I highly recommend Eric for all things SEO. He’s also a pleasure to work with.”

Paul A.